Psychic Development Workshops - Time Therapies
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Psychic Development Workshops

Join me for a series of 6 workshops to develop your psychic awareness and deepen your spiritual practice. We will explore everything from chakras to mediumship in a friendly, relaxed and inclusive way. Whether you are new to psychic practices or want to develop them further, these workshops are open to all.

My spiritual development was greatly helped by the psychic development workshops I attended when I began my spiritual journey all those years ago, and I would like to offer the same support to others.

Also, many of my students have requested a less formal space to develop their practice(s), so here it is!

Please see workshop details below. You are welcome to book all 6, or chose 1 or more that interests you.  I will be doing another series of workshops to develop these skills further and explore new ones, when this series ends.

Working with Angels and other light beingsIn this workshop, we will explore ways to tune into angelic guidance and use it effectively for healing. Will include guided meditations on working with 4 Archangels- Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel.
HealingExploring various hands-on healing practices. Based on Usui Reiki healing, but not limited to this. Will include finding and working with your spirit guide(s).
Psychometry Psychometry is a way of gathering information from an object, such as jewellery. By tuning into an object, it is possible to ‘see’ the history of the object- the person who owned it, the experiences that person had while in the possession of it, what the person was like, what they did/do, or how they died. In this workshop, we will explore the history of psychometry and practice it for yourself. Please bring something you would like to ‘read’.
Mediumship and meditation practiceLearn how meditate effectively and practice guided meditation for others. Introduction to mediumship-what is it, how to develop the practice, places to study.
Crystal HealingLearn how to use these beautiful stones for healing, space clearing, and enhancing other types of spiritual healing. Includes chakra-balancing practice.
JourneyingDiscover how to ‘travel’ psychically during meditation or self healing, and ways to record information gathered on these journeys to use in your spiritual practice/growth.