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Personal Treatments

Massage is a complete maintenance system for the body. It is an extremely effective healing tool and incorporating regular massage treatments into your routine will help prevent the onset of a variety of ailments from back pain to stress.


While it cannot replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatments, the healing power of touch has been well documented to provide relief from everyday ailments. And massage makes you feel good!

Indian Head Massage

This is a seated massage of the face, head, neck and shoulders. It is very useful for headaches and migraines, mental stress, and hair growth, due to the increased flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the head.

Benefits of Indian head massage include pain relief, improved flexibility, stress relief, relief from insomnia, eyestrain, sinusitis and related conditions, improved concentration and mental alertness, reduced anxiety, and increased feelings of wellbeing.

Chair Massage

Energising massage of the back and shoulders. Perfect for your lunch break!


Reiki (pronounced ray-key), literally translated, means universal life force. It is a hands on healing technique originating from Japan, that combines ‘ki’- the life force that is present in all things – with the warmth, reassurance and healing power of the human touch.

It is a simple, effective and safe way of promoting healing, relaxation, stress relief and wellbeing, as it supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Reiki is not based on any religion, belief system or dogma, and is therefore accessible to all.

Reiki is a very effective, gentle and non-invasive therapy that can help to increase vitality and energy, reduce pain, and cleanse the body of impurities.

Benefits of Reiki include relaxation, stress & pain relief, improved mental clarity and sleep patterns, and increased energy. Most people experience a profound feeling of calm, peace and relaxation, often drifting into sleep, and feel light and energised on waking.


One of the oldest forms of natural medicine, reflexology is a deeply relaxing, therapeutic, and very effective treatment, based on the premise that every organ and gland in the body can be mapped out on the feet.

Benefits of reflexology include, stress and pain relief, especially back pain, increased nerve stimulation, improved joint mobility, removal of toxins from body, re-balancing of hormones, relaxation, improved sleep patterns, improved circulation and mood.

Reflexology is a wonderfully versatile, non-invasive therapy that will leave you feeling wonderfully refreshed and energised.

Holistic Massage

Based on traditional Swedish massage, it is a deep, soothing massage that relaxes and energises the body, improves muscle tone, and boosts immunity and circulation.

Benefits of holistic massage include pain relief, improved mobility and flexibility, improved energy levels, stress relief, improved concentration and sleep patterns, and increased feelings of well-being. feelings of well-being.

Sports Massage

A deep, invigorating massage using specific techniques to treat sports & other injuries eg: whiplash, tennis elbow, shin splints, RSI etc.

It can be used before sport to improve performance, and after sport to ease pain, remove lactic acid, stretch and tone muscles, and prevent injury. Sports massage also incorporates deep stretches to improve suppleness and flexibility.

Benefits include improved flexibility, injury prevention, improved performance, pain relief, stress relief and relaxation.


This is a very deep massage that helps relieve muscle tension that is unresponsive to regular massage, as well as deeply held emotional tension. It can be uncomfortable, but it is a highly effective, invigorating and cleansing treatment that gets to the root of tension held in the body.

Myo-facsial deep tissue massage is generally incorporated into a holistic massage treatment as it can be too stimulating if done on its own.

Benefits include, improved flexibility, pain relief, improved clarity, emotional pain release, extreme muscle release, often making people feel inches taller!


Aromatherapy is an ancient therapy which is regularly used in France by the medical profession. It is a light, deeply relaxing massage using the therapeutic properties of essential plant and flower oils, to rebalance and revitalise the body and mind.

Benefits of Aromatherapy include, stress and pain relief, improved muscle tone and mobility, improved circulation and lymphatic flow, and relief from specific ailments due to particular oils being used for different complaints; Lavender is antiseptic and calming, peppermint is digestive and warming etc. The beautiful smells of the oils also help to uplift and relax you.

Lymphatic Drainage

This is a very light but powerfully cleansing treatment that helps clear areas of congestion and stagnation in the body. It promotes the healthy functioning of the lymphatic system (which cleans waste and toxins from the body), and stimulates the body’s natural defence mechanisms.

It can help with fluid retention, cellulite, headaches, puffiness, and muscle stiffness. Lymphatic drainage is very effective in the treatment of skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. It also boosts the body’s immune system.

A full body treatment lasts for 2 hours, due to the slow, gentle nature of the massage, but this is not often necessary, as it can be used on specific areas of the body such as the legs where oedema is present, or in conjunction with other types of massage.

Benefits of lymphatic drainage massage include, stress relief, removal of metabolic waste, toxins and excess fluid from the body, relief from allergies, sinusitis and pre-menstrual tension, reduced inflammation, improved tissue regeneration, and pain relief.

Lymphatic drainage is a deeply relaxing, soothing treatment that calms the body and mind.

On-site Chair Massage

Based on Japanese shiatsu pressure points, this invigorating massage is done on a specially designed massage chair. Chair massage concentrates on the back, shoulders, neck and arms, and is an energising and revitalising treatment that relaxes without causing drowsiness. It can also be useful for tension headaches.

Benefits of chair massage include, stress and pain relief, improved mental clarity, improved energy and circulation, improved joint mobility, and increased physical and emotional wellbeing.